• me, about to get mauled to death by a wolf:puppy! who's a handsome puppy
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    Animal Fact: Cheetahs are the only cats that can change direction midair while chasing prey. Cheetah run pics by Stephen Moehle.


    Baby Bear, Alaska by Phil Frigon

    look at those paws


    Red Diamond Rattlesnake - Crotalus ruber

    I wonder what things I can control or what we, humans, have control of. We may have foresight and knowledge but does that necessarily give us control?

    Most of us probably realize at some point that the path we take isn’t always one that we choose. Or maybe the path we chose led to an unexpected place.

    It certainly isn’t wise to wander with no direction, without instruments to guide us, and with eyes closed. But there are times when an unexpected change of course leads to exactly what we were looking for. Or plummeting to our figurative (or literal) death.

    Juniper Woodland
    Riverside County, California

    this is beautiful

    Mouth of a saltwater crocodile (by Spectacular Jumping Crocodile Cruise)

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    The Brain Scoop:
    Sharks Sharks Sharks & More Sharks

    I think it’s safe to say most people conjure up a picture of the great white when they think of sharks as a whole, which is a total shame since there are more than 440 known and described species of sharks and the diversity of those is impressive to say the least. 

    There are 12 living Orders of sharks, cartilaginous fish that fall into the subclass Elasmobranchii. Some sharks have beards. Some sharks are electric. Some have poisonous skin. And they are all 100% awesome. 

    Check out our last video from five consecutive calendar days dedicated to cartilaginous fishes - we hope you enjoyed the inundation of videos last week, and that our 19 minutes of programming proved to be a good alternative to sensationalism and mistruths. 


    The Brazilian pygmy gecko (Coleodactylus amazonicus) is so small that raindrops pose a serious threat. Luckily, its body is so light and its skin so hydrophobic that it can shake off any drops that might land on it. It can even walk on water. 

    Life (2009)

    they go BOING on the leaves and then they go walk on water and stuff