Hyena (by SATux)


Bonding between a harp seal mother and pup on a greatly diminished ice pack in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence by Jennifer Hayes


Commerson’s Frogfish (Antennarius commerson)

Also known as the giant frogfish, Commerson’s frogfish is a species of frogfish (Antennariidae) which occurs in tropical and subtropical waters from the Indian Ocean to the eastern coasts of the Pacific Ocean. Commerson’s frogfish typically inhabit sheltered rocky and coral reefs, where they are usually associated with big sponges, and rock formations. Like other frogfishes A. commerson is adept at camouflage, and is able to blend into different surroundings with ease allowing it to ambush any animal unfortunate enough to pass by. 


Animalia-Chordata-Actinopterygii-Lophiiformes-Antennariidae-Antennarius-A. commerson

Images: suneko and Aquaimages


Nhện cỏ by Hai Hiu (2hiu) on Flickr.


by Andy Murch

Perentie (by The Predator Blog)


Bear Trail by Rob van Hout


Atheris chlorechis - western bush viper